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We're getting too far past the point of sustainability, and the emphasis on local is lacking. CT Pizzeria is on a mission to change that one meal at a time. Our business model is built around working with local farms & distributors to support the community & get the freshest products available. All our meats are purchased from regenerative farms less than 50 miles from our establishment. Regenerative agriculture is a practice that focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity & improving the water cycle among many other things. The best part about it... No factories, no cages, no antibiotics, steroids, or GMO corn/soy feed. Completely living off the land in a natural way, just like all beings should.


Supporting Regenerative Farms
"The bison population in the late 18th century was 60 million strong. The species was culled down to just 541 animals as of 1889 as part of the subjugation of the Native Americans, for whom the American bison was a food source." Knowing this we are thrilled to be working with Atla Vista Farm in Rutland MA, using their bison strictly in our menu supporting the regrowth of the local bison population.
Quality Over Everything
Most food businesses purchase the majority of their ingredients from corporate food vendors. These products have been in transit for hundreds of miles sitting in packaging or crates for days on end. Often filled with preservatives & antibiotics to keep them from spoiling while on the way to their final destination. Following this common practice moves us farther away from sustainability & delivers a lower-quality product to our community. So at Ct Pizzeria we chose to take a different path no matter the cost.
Respecting The Earth
Doing business within your community reduces your footprint on the earth. Buying locally sourced products means avoiding high carbon emissions produced by transporting products over long distances. Local products use two-thirds less packaging than imported products, drastically reducing the amount of plastic & other harmful materials that end up in the trash.
3 Cooking Commandments
When it comes to our menu items there are three main codes we have to follow, no exceptions . 1, It is real food from the land, fueling your body & giving you the nutrition you need. 2, The taste is nothing less than amazing, satisfying all your flavor desires. 3, The presentation is beautiful, bringing art & food together to create a memorable experience.
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